For decades, our cities have been developing as car-centric, public spaces are shrinking and becoming more privatized, space for pedestrians and free play is decreasing. However, the need to play and explore the world and interpersonal relationships through play is an important feature of every child and human being. The play gives us the opportunity to develop into flexible and imaginative beings. Playgrounds are becoming more and more standardized in order to optimize maintenance, regulations, but also to maximally reduce the risk rate for any error (injury). However, for the child’s development, it is essential to take a few steps back and allow children to face the challenge of what the play space is and how it can be recreated, and more importantly, how they can participate in its shaping and construction. ! Association Škograd with partners from the region is working on redesigning the playscapes together with children for children within the project RE:PLAY, while association La Villette moderates the process in which the children of Pančevo design a playground in their town! As part of Designweek, we want to build a world of dreams together with the children of Novi Sad for five days by playing and building that very world. In this way, by creating a playscape for playing, together with children and parents we will try to build that world by following their ideas and imagination. As the main building material, we will use cardboard packaging that we will collect for the workshop. The workshop will last for four days, you can register at the link for one day, but we hope to hang out all week and talk about this event for a long time.